Search Engine Optimization


serYou probably hear a lot about SEO (or search engine optimization) especially if you are marketing your business, but what is Search engine optimization?

I will be explaining exactly what it is and why it is so important in making your business venture known.

SEO stands for search engine optimization and it basically means making sure that your website/social media page ranks up high on internet searches. Let me give you an example – you search for something on Google, let’s say “restaurants in California” for argument sake. You look through the first few pages, or maybe not even that before clicking on whatever catches your eye. With the millions upon millions of webpages that exist on the internet, you are not going to take the time to go further down the list because you probably see it as a waste of time. The most popular results come out on top, in addition to the ones that have used search engine optimization well.

This is what SEO is, it makes your website popular and means that many more people will see it. SEO works in a way by fitting certain keywords into your page, keywords that potential customers are going to be searching for. The trick is to make these keywords fit naturally into the article/blog. You don’t want the user to KNOW that you are using search engine optimization to get them to click on your page, you just want them to do it.

Why is it important?

– As mentioned previously, so many more people will see your business if it ranks high in results.

– More traffic will be generated to your website, means more visitors and hopefully more profits. This is what you want from your business, nobody is going to buy from you or use your services, if they do not know you exist.

– By using SEO, you are going to be beating the competition. There are so many businesses out there who do the same thing as you do. By using search engine optimization, you will get noticed by customers whereas they will simply fall under the radar.ser2


It is so important that you do things correctly, with technology as it is, in order to spread the word about your business. Flyers just aren’t going to cut it and SEO is definitely the way forward. If you have wondered what is Search engine optimization? I hope this has answered your question and you are on your way to making your dreams, a reality.…


White Hat SEO


seo2In SEO (search engine optimization) terminology, white hat search engine optimization refers to the application of optimization techniques, tactics and strategies that concentrates on a human-audience opposed to search engines.

For instance, a website that’s optimized for search-engines yet focuses on organic ranking and relevancy is considered to be optimized using white hat search engine optimization practices.

Some examples of White Hat SEO techniques include keyword analysis and using keywords, link building (to improve link popularity), back linking, and writing material for human readers. White hat is more frequently utilized by those who intend to have a long term investment on their site. Also known as ethical SEO.

Top five white hat SEO Techniques-

#Quality content-“content is king” as they say, and it is true. There’s nothing more value you-can-do to optimize your website for search-engines that provide unique well written material content. A search engines purpose is to serve-up what it thinks to be the most appropriate site for any given search-to the end user.

#Use semantic (structural) separate and mark up content from presentation-Semantically seo3restructuring the mark up assists search-engines understand the material content of your site webpage which is of-course a good thing.

Making proper employment of heading-elements is important because search-engines give more weight to the material content within the heading-elements. Using CSS to clearly separate the content from the design elements make for much leaner-code and makes it very easy for search engines to get what they are looking for (which is content). Remember the phrase content is king!

#Titles and Meta Data– Providing pages with Meta data and proper titles is essential. Although search engines now regard them_as less imperative, it is still imperative to use them & use them properly. Titles however still carry a-lot-of weight & when we think (of semantic mark up) it’s obvious why.

#Effective keyword use and keyword research-Create your site with key phrases and keywords in mind. Research key phrases and keywords you think people might utilize to find your website. Single words aren’t always the most-effective target, try multi word phrase that are much more specific (to the product or service) and you will be aiming end-users that are likely to want_what you are offering.seo4#Quality inbound link-Having inbound links that are of high quality to your site can be likened to-having-a vote for the good-links. Good links refers to links from other WebPages that are regarded highly_by the search engines & are contextually relevant- (to the material content of your page).…