Over Years Revolution Of Internet Marketing


Advent of the internet has propelled the fastest progress of society in the past couple of decades. Internet marketing has evolved over the years as well with reputable SEO companies like Bing Digital coming into the industry. The most discernible aspect of this has been the revolution of internet marketing. Here is a look at how over years revolution of internet marketing has changed the world around us.

Over Years Revolution Of Internet Marketing

The Message

While earlier the companies were focused on marketing their products andgfhfghfhgfhfgh services, now the need is to engage with the customer and anticipate their needs. Customers have also become proactive at seeking resources on their own via the Internet and are unwilling to wait for long or even give more than one chance when things go wrong. The message is clear – make every effort to indulge the customer, develop a personal relationship with them and delight them to garner their loyalty.

The Methods & Channels

Traditional outbound marketing methods using channels such as newspapers and TV are secondary to the crucial uses of inbound marketing through search engines, social media, and mobile media. With a wealth of information at the fingertips via the internet, the companies have to ensure their information and marketing pitch is modified according to the needs of the internet savvy generation. This is no longer a one-time ad blast process, rather over the years revolution of internet marketing has ensured that the marketers are always on their toes, engaging with customers 24/7 through websites, social media accounts, blogs, presence on E-commerce websites and more, all of these undergoing constant revamp.

The Analysis

Over the years revolution of Internet marketing has transformed the way marketing itself works. Now marketers have to fulfill duties of being a research and analysis wizard. Just some examples of how transformative internet marketing has been – now, businesses can access prospects across geographical boundaries, cold calling is no longer a lucrative source of lead generation, real-time marketing tactics have to be employed and terms like web design keyword propositioning’, SEO ranking’ have become part of everyday parlance. Every marketer has to get technical to figure out how to use internet marketing tools to their full advantage- from content creation such as ebooks to using email marketing fruitfully, from venturing into mobile apps development to social media monitoring and more.

The Pace

dgdfgfdgfdgdfgdgOver the years revolution of internet marketing has taught us that nothing is static. Facebook was the Facebook, to begin with, Orkut was huge once upon a time, and people were devoted to their AOL accounts before Gmail arrived on the scene. The pace with which technology is changing every day is the biggest challenge for businesses as they have to update their knowledge base accordingly and respond to changing demographics, behavioral and technological changes quicker than one can say change itself.


Marketing is not just sales and Internet Marketing does not just involve building a website and hoping customers would land there. It is a whole paradigm shift which will only change faster in days to come.

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