How to Get Your WordPress Website SEO Friendly


Everyone wants their website to rank high in search engines. To increase your WordPress SEO, there are some things that you need to avoid.

Assuming that WordPress is Search Engine Optimised as soon as it is installed – There are many elements of a SEO 09Common WordPress Installation that can be enhanced from an SEO perspective, and also these must be dealt with first.

Presenting hostile URLs – By default WordPress will certainly provide your pages and articles a number and also present this in the URL. For WordPress SEO functions you should have your keywords in the URL, so you have to alter the Permalinks. This will certainly put all the words in the post/page title in the URL however you might need to modify this if the title is long. You can likewise get a plugin to get rid of general words.

Do not Set Meta Description – For WordPress SEO objectives you must by hand compose an excellent explanation for every page/post with the keyword phrase near the beginning. There is a variety of Plugins that supply the ways to do this the very best known being an All In One SEO pack. This also consists of an alternative of auto-generating the description, but this is not to be suggested as it is not better than leaving the online search engine to select an extract from the content.

Internal and External Linking – It is very important for WordPress SEO that your pages/posts contain internal links. All well as counting as web links they serve to spread the benefit of backlinks around the website. It is also vital to have external links to appropriate authority websites yet these can be made “no-follow”. There are plugins to assist with these.

SEO 47Allowing Duplicate Content – The framework of WordPress creates duplicate material, for instance, articles exist in their right, under their classification, under their tag, under their author as well as by date. For WordPress SEO functions, it is a great idea to prevent the duplicate content being indexed. The All In One SEO plugin will certainly take care of this if appropriately set up.

Not producing a Site Map – It is essential for WordPress SEO to create a site map for the online search engine and also there are plugins to do this.

There are many other improvements you can make to enhance WordPress SEO, however, one worth discussing is caching. To prevent your website slowing down when it gets active mounting a caching plugin is a great idea.…